How to Fix Unable to Answer Calls on Android

Sometimes have you seen in your mobile is ringing but you can’t received it due to some issues or bugs. in this post i will share How To fix Unable to Answer Calls on Android phone.

Smartphone mainly used for call ,messaging and internet.When call is come in your mobile, swipe screen through receive call but sometimes doesn’t happen. many reason are there. If you are older android version user, you have experienced.

I think you have face unable to answer calls problem ,you come here right place , i am telling you best method to fix unable to answer call .read this article, so lets go know about this problem solution.

Best Method Fix Unable to answer calls

Unable to answer call is a major issue, you can easily solve this. All method given below follow it .

1.Restart Your Phone

how to fix unable to answer

Restart phone is simple process. Sometimes simple restart solved this all problem. Before any problem fix first of all restart your android device. if you are unable to answer call then follow next method.

2. Call Receiving Correctly

Call receiving action is different for all device. Some device Swipe green button receive the call ,while other device tap on the green button. you must have to device receive call action.

3. Airplane Mode On/Off

how to fix unable to answer

This is another way fix it enabling Airplane mode on. Sometimes due to network issues this problem arises. Airplane Mode enabling after network issues solved it.

Airplane Mode enabling process very simple. Go to setting select More Option in here Airplane mode tap on it enable it. few minutes have airplane mode on after disable now you can check it your problem solved.

4. Clear Cache Phone Data

how to fix unable to answer
how to fix unable to answer
how to fix unable to answer

Cache is main thing of android mobile that arises some issues . Cache is a unwanted data that is not automatically delete we have to delete this. Don’t worry cache clear is not delete your personal data only delete call history and cache.

Cache data delete process given below, follow this step :-

  1. Go To setting in your phone and go to manage apps ( That is Mi Mobile Setting)
  2. Tap on the Phone App that is preinstalled apps.
  3. Now clear data option show and click on it and click ok.
  4. Now your phone app cache data deleted.

5. Remove and Reinsert Sim

how to fix unable to answer

If above tips is failed for fix incoming call then try another ways Remove and Reinsert Sim. Sim remove from tray and clean it, again insert in it. by doing this unable to receive call fix it.

6. Check Third Party App and Remove it

Like Phone app many application available in play store. you have to check third party call app install or not in your device. If install that override the preinstalled Phone app so call receive problem arises.

open Settings on your phone and go to Apps. Tap on Default apps. If the option isn’t visible, tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Default apps.

7. Check theme and Launcher

We are uses new themes and launchers in android device. That after install change your button position like receive button replace to reject button.

Final Word

Guys ,in this i provided How to Fix Unable To Answer Calls Problem. I think you have understand this post. if have your any query, do comment below and don’t forgot to share this post with your friends.

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