How to Hide Apps on Android or Iphone

Now a days everyone using Smartphone and install different types of application on android or ipone mobile but need to hide important apps. so guys in this post i will share my tips how to hide apps on Android or iphone.

Most of the people are using Android phone or iPhone. we installing all types of apps in our device like fun apps, games apps, banking apps etc . Banking apps like phone pe , google pay these apps are very important so this type of application need to hide.

Whatsapp , Facebook, Instagram ,twitter, these type of apps we use in our daily life but we would’t want anyone don’t see my apps so need to hide.lets know about How to Hide apps in mobile.

How To Hide Apps On Android or iPhone

There are following ways you can easily hide apps in your android phone or iPhone.everyone freely try on their device.

Hide Apps on Android

If you are using lock or Hide apps in your device that means your data is secure and anyone can’t see this app.

In some device Apps hide features are there, if is not there you can use third party apps. i am telling you 3 ways hide apps.

1. Default Launcher

how hide apps on android
Hide apps on android

In Some device application hide features available. i am telling you Hide Apps in Redmi mobile. Go To Setting > Apps > App Lock > Hidden App > Enable .

After Enable Application will be Hide on your device . Again After Disable Apps will be visible on your device.

2. Create Folder

Another simple way all the apps store inside one folder. create folder in homepage , select important apps and placed inside folder.

3. Third-Party Apps- App Hider

how hide apps on android
Best Hide Apps

Third party Application through Apps hide is simple process. There is a many Hide apps available in play store. App Hider is one of most amazing application without mobile root you can use it for android apps hide. Lets know how to use App Hider.

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Hide Apps on iPhone

Hiding applications on the iPhone will be a bit tricky as there aren’t many applications that can achieve this feat.

Create a Folder

No, no copy-pasting business here. You can also create folders on your iPhone. You can create folders by moving one app over another. To not draw unnecessary attention, you can simply rename the folder as Work or anything that doesn’t scream SEE ME!


After you’ve hidden apps that contain sensitive information, you can still find the app through the Spotlight search option. So now, you’ve got to hide it from there as well. To do so, open the Settings on your iPhone and navigate to the Siri and Search tab. Now tap on the Desired app. You can now toggle the app that you want off to exclude from the search.


1.Which app is best to hide apps?

There is lot application available in play store. my opinion App Hider is best apps for Hide apps on android phone.

2.Can I hide an app on my phone?

yes, you can hide apps in your device without third party or Third party apps.

3. How do I hide installed apps?

Lot of application available on playstore. go to playstore search App hider click on it install. after some time your application is installed.


Guys In this post i told How to Hide Apps on Android or iPhone and way Of hide android apps in your device. Guys i am telling if you use Apps hide that means your device is secure.

Guys this post related have any query then below comment it and if you liked this post share with your friends and family.

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