How to open RAR and ZIP file in Windows, Android

Hey guys, do you want how to extract rar file , we provided easy process follow this article you can easily open rar and zip file.

In the market so many tools are available to extract zip file or rar file but most of the tool are paid tool so i will tell you free tool and how to open rar file in online.

How to Extract rar and zip File in Windows 10

Guys you can open zip and rar file in windows 10 very easily so you have to use 7zip tool . below step follow this you can solved your problem.

1- Download 7zip tool and install in your computer.

2- Right click on the file to be opened.

3- Select 7zip -> Extract files

4- Right side popup box show up. here extract file and extract here option is there. if you are choosing extract file then you have to select path in which location you want keep extract file. another option “Extract here” your file will be extract where your file stored.

7zip-open rar and zip file
7zip-open rar and zip file

5- Now you can open your file.

How to open Zip File in Android Phone

In Android phone you can easily open rar file or zip file. follow this below step

1- Go to playstore and Download RAR apps.

2- Inside RAR Apps all folder will be show , choose your file where you kept file.

3- Click on the Extarct Option.

4- choose your path in which location you want keep your file -> click ok

5- Your file will extract and you can open your rar and zip file.

How to open RAR & Zip file in online

So many sites are available you can extract rar file and zip file. so i am using site for extract file.

1- Open site in google

2- Choose your file

3- Automatically file will be extract.

4- File will be show whatever inside in RAR and zip file. click on the file it will be download.


Guys in this post i explained how to open rar file and zip file in windows, Android phone and how to open rar file in online. I hope you like this post and share this post with your friends.

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